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Homebuyers With iPhones Rejoice: Trulia is THE App You Need

Savvy iPhone-equipped homebuyers have one more thing to covet -- Trulia announced this week that a new App for the iPhone is available (for free).

Savvy iPhone-equipped homebuyers have one more thing to covet -- Trulia announced this week that a new App for the iPhone is available (for free).

An article this week in Newsweek talks about consumer’s new fascination with self-directing their own new home search (the article starts off with a quaint recant of how the author — some decade or so ago — thought he was on the cutting edge, reviewing new listings his realtor faxed (!) over, then sat in the back of the realtor’s car as he was driven from home to home).

While many consumers still rely on the services of a realtor or broker, still more are doing the initial search themselves online, using popular listing sites like Craigslist, Trulia and Oodle, then gettign directions via Google Maps or MapQuest.

iPhone owners — ever the technosavvy and often envied — join their BlackBerry brethren this week with a new iPhone App from Trulia. According to reviews and information from the Newsweek article, homebuyers using the App can now:

  • Search for homes by current location (we hope it uses the iPhone G3’s GPS abilities to determine what’s close).
  • Ability to map your trip to a home from your current location (again, GPS is the key here).
  • Ability to view current open houses.
  • It’s easy to call or e-mail the listing agent.

Initial reviews on the Apple iTunes’ App Store were a bit lukewarm (it always seems these days that there’s a bit of a learning curve associated with this new type of software development — future versions always seem to behave much better and the better developers are quick to address user’s feedback). In short, critics panned the App:

  • There’s no MLS record referenced or provided.
  • If you have an account on the online version (where you can save searches), you can’t log onto your account with your iPhone. We’d anticipate this being fixed soon.
  • Maps can’t be moved or zoomed (we iPhone users love the “pinch”) — they seem like static images.
  • Searching could be improved with search criteria like keywords and zip codes.
  • You can’t view multiple photos for a particular listing.

As noted, it’s a fun tool to use when you’re out and about with your trusty iPhone. As with most new iPhone Apps, keep your expectations low for the first couple or few weeks and hope that little update button on your iTunes lights up soon!

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Get on the Path to Home Ownership

Rent? Buy? Why not Rent that helps you Buy? Get on the Path to Home Ownership! Lease with us for only one year, and we will apply a portion of your rent to build your down payment. Rents from $1,600 a month. Choose from Condos, Duplexes and Townhomes on the Near West Side and South Loop. You can choose your new home from a variety of homes at three of our amazing communities. Homes feature 2-3 bedrooms, parking, and are close to transportation. To get on the Path to Home Ownership, schedule an appointment with us today!

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Local Communities Prepare for the 2016 Olympics

The 2008 Bejing Olympics have just begun, but the city of Chicago is already buzzing about the possibility of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. Chicago is competing to host the Games with Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio De Janeiro. The International Olympic Committee will announce their final selection in October of 2009, but final bids are due by this upcoming October.

Chicago City government, private developers, and the 2016 bid committee are hard at work preparing the city for such a monumental event. Chicago has raised over $40 million in private dollars to support the bid and has pledged $500 million more in insurance for the Games. The 2016 Olympics Fund for Chicago Neighborhoods has amassed $4.7 million to be donated to the research and development of local communities that may be affected by the future Olympic Games. Eleven communities in the South and West Side neighborhoods have been identified as likely areas to be impacted by the Chicago held Olympic Games. The goal is to prepare and strengthen these neighborhoods and allow residents to capitalize on economic opportunities that the Games may bring. Here at New West Realty we have three communities in these neighborhoods which makes the possibility of the 2016 Olympic Games being held in Chicago a particular topic of interest. Even if Chicago ends up losing the bid, these donations will remain invested in strengthening these communities.

Past Olympic Games have had powerful impacts on the local economy and housing market, and Chicago will be no different. Home prices in the six years prior to the Barcelona Games increased by 240%! For our homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners living in Eastgate Village, 1555 Wabash and Heritage Homes, this presents an enormous financial opportunity.

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7 Reasons to Purchase at Eastgate Village

Though there are countless reasons why you’d want to buy at Eastgate Village, here are seven of the best:

1. Our unbeatable pricing program and value appreciation.

2. Our developers have decades of proven success in customer satisfaction and quality construction.

3. Walk to the Lake, not drive.

4. Select your homesite and your finishes.

5. Our preferred lender program — specially negotiated programs specific to our buyers. Our lenders are experts and provide exceptional financing options.

6. A city neighborhood close to many attractions and conveniences without the hustle and bustle of the City.

7. We’re the most desireable master planned community in Chicago.

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