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5 C’s For Living In Chicago’s Near South Side

What makes Chicago Near South Side so special? It is hard to pinpoint just one thing when the area is filled with galleries, one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars, and all within proximity to the attractions that have given Chicago such a great reputation in the United States. Here are 5 areas of interest that make the Near South Side such a wonderful place to settle broken down:

Culture: South Loop residents will never lack for something to do thanks to new bars, lounges, and galleries opening on a regular basis, along with other special events. During the day, Union Square Park is a refreshing green oasis with swimming facilities, baseball diamonds, and basketball and volleyball courts – and the park has also played host to the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Cuisine: As home to some of Chicago’s most popular and nationally renowned chefs, the South Loop is known for its culinary scene – residents definitely dine in style. On the other hand, the neighborhood is also full of corner pubs and authentic ethnic eateries that offer few frills but plenty of delicious dining options.

Convenience: Located close enough to the Loop to make commuting a breeze, the South Loop’s central location makes it a great choice for Chicago living.

Construction: The South Loop is probably best known for its converted and renovated warehouses – spacious lofts and contemporary condos occupy these former industrial spaces, resulting in unique floorplans with interesting design features. The area also features new construction with modern condo developments built by some of Chicago’s most prestigious firms.

Creativity: The area’s inspiring mix of art galleries, boutiques, and contemporary restaurants makes the South Loop a haven for artists, designers, and other creative types.

Eastgate Village is  a development within the heart of the Near South Side.  With a variety of living and pricing options, there is a place for anyone to call home.  Contact a sales representative or make an appoitment to learn about the lifestyles we are able to work with and around to make all your dreams of Chicago living come true.

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Urban Living


Urban settings are rich in food and culture, as well as attractions that appeal to a variety of individuals.

Urban living holds endless opportunities for nearly every type of person. Why, do you ask? It’s simple. Urban settings are rich in food and culture, as well as attractions that appeal to a variety of individuals. Cities are also the primary hub for all of a state’s business and, therefore, people seek alternatives to the long commutes from the suburbs.

What most people find to be the biggest advantage to living in a city is the convenient availability to nearly anything you crave, want, need or desire. You can usually find yourself within walking distance to a bus, taxi or subway that can take you to popular restaurants, pubs, shops, museums, libraries and parks. But what is more important than having something different to do everyday is what each neighborhood is defined as specifically?

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