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This Week in Chicago: 3 Great Events

Tuesday, September 1st – Midwest Independent Film Festival

The Midwest Independent Film Festival is the nation’s only film festival solely dedicated to the Midwest filmmaker. On Tuesday it will be showing the award-winning documentary, “Being Bucky,” which shows what life is like for the Wisconsin Badgers’ well-known mascot. The screening will be held at Landmark‚Äôs Century Centre Cinema, 2828 North Clark, and it will begin at 6 pm. For more information, visit the festival’s website.

Wednesday, September 2nd – America: All Better!

The Second City (1616 N Wells) has long been home to some of the best comedy in Chicago, and “America: All Better!” continues that tradition. The show begins at 8 pm, and as usual, it is not recommended for children (those under 10 years of age will not be allowed inside). It’s a great date idea if you’re looking for a dinner-and-movie alternative, so visit their website and grab some tickets!

Thursday, September 3rd – TimeSpace at Adler Planetarium

Take a journey into the universe’s past (a full 13.7 billion years!) and experience the Big Bang, the extinction of the dinosaur and man walking on the moon. Click here to visit Adler’s website and get further information.

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New West and Near West Side Highlighted in Sun Times

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “urban pioneers searching for a new and upcoming neighborhood to settle might want to consider Tri-Taylor West on the Near West Side. The emerging neighborhood of modest Italianate brick row houses and small, single-family homes, worker cottages and modest two-flats is bounded roughly by I-290, Western, Ogden and Kedzie.”

The community is seeing above-average growth because of the proximity it has to the Illinois Medical District, which provides a painless commute.

“The Tri-Taylor West neighborhood is a hidden jewel,” said Nita Snider, a real estate agent with New West Realty, a firm specializing in properties on the Near West Side and other underserved communities. “The Illinois Medical Center District is the largest in the world. About 50,000 people come here every day to serve or be served. So, we’re seeing a lot of workers buying in the area.”

To read the full Sun-Times piece, click here. If you’re looking in Chicago for a new home, Eastgate Village is right up your alley. It’s located in the heart of the city and offers a selection of beautiful condominiums and townhomes at the right prices. Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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Single-Family Housing Starts and Permits Rise in July

EGVBecause July was likely the last month to get home construction underway in time for families to take advantage of the government tax credit, it remains to be seen what the housing market will do in the next couple months. Nevertheless, another month of growth is encouraging news.

From NAHB.org:

“Single-family housing starts posted a 1.7 percent gain to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 490,000 units in July, while single-family permits registered a 5.8 percent gain to 458,000 units. Both of these were the highest levels registered since October of 2008. Meanwhile, multifamily starts tied a record low set in April of this year, falling 13.3 percent to a 91,000-unit rate. Multifamily permits fell 25.5 percent to 102,000 units.”

For the full article, click here. And to take advantage of this wonderful time to buy a new home, click here to find out more about New West Realty and its beautiful condominiums located in the heart of Chicago!

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Friday Batch of Links

John Hughes passed away yesterday at the age of 59, leaving behind a wife, kids, grandchildren and more than a few iconic films. Hughes wrote and directed some classic movies of the 1980s and 90s (including The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Home Alone) and routinely shot in Chicago’s suburbs or in the city itself, most notably in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He was a talented writer/director and a great man, as these two links illustrate.

Roger Ebert on John Hughes

Heartfelt Tribute to Hughes From His One-Time Pen Pal
Note: This article has a lone curse word in it, and it’s a strong one. But it’s a fantastic and touching piece that really illuminates the kind of man John Hughes was.

Only 10% of Parking Tickets are Contested
But if a parking ticket IS contested, it’s 50% likely to be thrown out!

Gordon Beckham’s hair and relationship status more important than his baseball skills.
The ultra-talented White Sox rookie (and southern gentleman, I might add) is single and looking, ladies!

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A View From The Ledge

theledgeIf the thought of standing more than 1,000 feet above the world with nothing but three layers of half-inch thick glass separating you from gravity makes you a little loopy, then The Ledge may not be for you. It’s on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower, and it’s made for thrillseekers, both tourist and Chicagoan.

The designers of The Ledge at the Sears Tower Skydeck say the new attraction is also made for non-thrillseekers who are looking for a great story to tell friends about or even for people who want to overcome a fear. It’s pretty apparent from the above photograph that if you have a fear of heights, your legs might be shaking as you step onto The Ledge. But according to the Sun-Times, that fear is negated by fantastic engineering. From the Sun-Times:

The best engineering minds at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, the tower’s original architects, designed the Ledge…each one is designed to hold 5 tons, about the weight of three Toyota Camrys, while the city code required only a 2-ton limit.

In a nutshell, each retractable Skydeck bay is equipped to hold fifty 200-pound people. It costs around $15 to visit The Ledge, but it seems the experience is well worth it. To read the full Sun-Times article, click here.

Eastgate Village has beautiful condominiums and townhomes available in the heart of Chicago, making it easy for you to see what you want to see, be it the Museum Campus, Michigan Avenue, or The Ledge. Click here to request more information or to schedule a showing with New West Realty!

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Exciting Events Around Eastgate Village

Looking for something exciting to do in the near future? Look no further. Here are some great upcoming events that are sure to feed your craving for fun.

Dew TourDew Tour’s Nike 6.0 BMX Open
Check out the best of BMX in Grant Park on June 26th and 27th. The event hosts the finals for BMX Dirt on Friday, as well as the finals for Park BMX and Vert BMX on Saturday. The tour also includes many other events and features interactive exhibits in Festival Village as well as a free concert at night. See athletes such as Ryan Nyquist, Steven McCann, and many more! For more information about the Dew Tour click here.

Just For LaughsGeorge Lopez
TBS is bringing one of the biggest comedy events ever to Chicago. The event has been going on in theaters across the city. There are still many laughs to come as Just For Laughs continues through June 21st. For more information on shows, performers, and theater locations, click here.

Cross-Town RivalryCubs vs. Sox
The rivalry continues as the Chicago Cubs travel to US Cellular Field to play the Chicago White Sox. The three heated games are scheduled to take place on June 26th, 27th, and 28th. The two teams split the previous series at a game a piece with one game postponed. For more information, Sox fans click here, and Cubs fans click here.

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Embrace Your Inner Tourist in a Uniquely Green Way

Summer in Chicago is why natives of the Windy City are able to tolerate brutal six month winters. In hibernation during the intense cold, Chicagoans emerge for the spring and summer eager to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Of course, there are others who have far superior climate moderation. These folks are known as tourists.

They seem to appear out of thin air as soon as the sun’s rays start to do their thing. Cameras in hand, they hit the city of Chicago determined to capture the skyline from a bus tour, a boat tour, or simply by hoofing it. But there is another emerging way to see the city that you’ve probably noticed from time to time: The Segway Tour.


Residents of Chicago constantly suppress their inner tourist. Walking by the Sears Tower, they’re tempted to marvel at the scope of what is still the greatest building in the United States. But their desire for acceptance overwhelms their childlike wonder, and they go about the rest of their day having missed out on the city’s magnificent architecture.

People of Chicago, the time is right for you to embrace your inner tourist, hop on a Segway, and absorb the beautiful Chicago skyline. Why a Segway Tour? It’s faster than walking, which means you see more of the city in a day. It’s quieter and more environmentally friendly than a bus or boat tour. Finally, it’s a fun way to get around! Zero degree turn radius, astounding maneuverability, and an intuitive design that makes its balance-driven motion a snap even for beginners.

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