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A Bit of Bright News in The Chicago Home Market

//realestatestatistics.com/happynews/, reports what seems like positive news about the housing industry.

Taken with a grain of salt, the web site, http://realestatestatistics.com/happynews/, reports what seems like positive news about the housing industry.

With all the economic, financial and credit turmoil that seems to be in the news lately, the web site, Happy Real Estate News, discloses actual, reported home sales- and price-related data.

Created and maintain by IMS, a researcher for the real estate industry, the information presented there seems to be a breath of fresh air in what has unfortunately become somewhat dismal situation.

For instance, if you’re a homeowner in Chicago considering a move to Eastgate Village (or even an Eastgate Village resident thinking about selling your home), here’s some encouraging statistics:

According to the last update on the Happy Real Estate News web site (July 17th), the number of homes sold in Chicago rose 3.1%. The timeframe of the data on the site is a bit vague, so we’d assume this is for June or even May of this year.

Other encouraging news is that the average number of days that a home in Chicago is on the market has fallen by 2.9% (according to August 18 data), while the average Chicago home’s value rose 1.4% (reported September 5th).

In any event, the web site seems to report some heartening news. Take it with a grain of salt, however — the site doesn’t cite its source and, of course, there’s no guarantee your circumstance will be the same or even similar.

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