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5 C’s For Living In Chicago’s Near South Side

What makes Chicago Near South Side so special? It is hard to pinpoint just one thing when the area is filled with galleries, one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars, and all within proximity to the attractions that have given Chicago such a great reputation in the United States. Here are 5 areas of interest that make the Near South Side such a wonderful place to settle broken down:

Culture: South Loop residents will never lack for something to do thanks to new bars, lounges, and galleries opening on a regular basis, along with other special events. During the day, Union Square Park is a refreshing green oasis with swimming facilities, baseball diamonds, and basketball and volleyball courts – and the park has also played host to the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Cuisine: As home to some of Chicago’s most popular and nationally renowned chefs, the South Loop is known for its culinary scene – residents definitely dine in style. On the other hand, the neighborhood is also full of corner pubs and authentic ethnic eateries that offer few frills but plenty of delicious dining options.

Convenience: Located close enough to the Loop to make commuting a breeze, the South Loop’s central location makes it a great choice for Chicago living.

Construction: The South Loop is probably best known for its converted and renovated warehouses – spacious lofts and contemporary condos occupy these former industrial spaces, resulting in unique floorplans with interesting design features. The area also features new construction with modern condo developments built by some of Chicago’s most prestigious firms.

Creativity: The area’s inspiring mix of art galleries, boutiques, and contemporary restaurants makes the South Loop a haven for artists, designers, and other creative types.

Eastgate Village is  a development within the heart of the Near South Side.  With a variety of living and pricing options, there is a place for anyone to call home.  Contact a sales representative or make an appoitment to learn about the lifestyles we are able to work with and around to make all your dreams of Chicago living come true.

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New to You: New CTA Entrance on Polk


The opening of this new CTA entryway, marks the hopeful future for the developing area near the South Loop.

For city commuters constantly searching for the perfect route to the office or are just looking for the fastest way from point A to point B, the new CTA entrance may be one direction to consider. The Red Line has opened up a new street level entrance to the CTA for Harrison at Polk Streets that can be found at Polk and State.

The opening of this new CTA entryway, marks the hopeful future for the developing area near the South Loop.  Polk Street is already a hot spot for various restaurants, bars, festivals, stores and other entertainment venues. And if you’re already a frequent rider who is ready for a change, this may be your ticket to experience a whole new funnel of people that will be parusing through the heart of Printer’s Row and engaging in everything the area has to offer.

Eastgate Village is mere moments from this access point to all the hustle and bustle of Chicago.  Check out our Facebook Page and learn more about the neighborhood and community, as well as, why living at Eastgate Village is wonderful oppurtunity.

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Local Communities Prepare for the 2016 Olympics

The 2008 Bejing Olympics have just begun, but the city of Chicago is already buzzing about the possibility of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. Chicago is competing to host the Games with Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio De Janeiro. The International Olympic Committee will announce their final selection in October of 2009, but final bids are due by this upcoming October.

Chicago City government, private developers, and the 2016 bid committee are hard at work preparing the city for such a monumental event. Chicago has raised over $40 million in private dollars to support the bid and has pledged $500 million more in insurance for the Games. The 2016 Olympics Fund for Chicago Neighborhoods has amassed $4.7 million to be donated to the research and development of local communities that may be affected by the future Olympic Games. Eleven communities in the South and West Side neighborhoods have been identified as likely areas to be impacted by the Chicago held Olympic Games. The goal is to prepare and strengthen these neighborhoods and allow residents to capitalize on economic opportunities that the Games may bring. Here at New West Realty we have three communities in these neighborhoods which makes the possibility of the 2016 Olympic Games being held in Chicago a particular topic of interest. Even if Chicago ends up losing the bid, these donations will remain invested in strengthening these communities.

Past Olympic Games have had powerful impacts on the local economy and housing market, and Chicago will be no different. Home prices in the six years prior to the Barcelona Games increased by 240%! For our homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners living in Eastgate Village, 1555 Wabash and Heritage Homes, this presents an enormous financial opportunity.

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