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Video from The Ledge at the Willis Tower

The below video shows the view from 1,000 feet above Chicago’s streets. All that separates visitors from the forces of gravity is an inch and a half of glass. But it’s a strong inch and a half: each ledge supports up to 10,000 pounds, or roughly 43 Jay Cutlers.

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A View From The Ledge

theledgeIf the thought of standing more than 1,000 feet above the world with nothing but three layers of half-inch thick glass separating you from gravity makes you a little loopy, then The Ledge may not be for you. It’s on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower, and it’s made for thrillseekers, both tourist and Chicagoan.

The designers of The Ledge at the Sears Tower Skydeck say the new attraction is also made for non-thrillseekers who are looking for a great story to tell friends about or even for people who want to overcome a fear. It’s pretty apparent from the above photograph that if you have a fear of heights, your legs might be shaking as you step onto The Ledge. But according to the Sun-Times, that fear is negated by fantastic engineering. From the Sun-Times:

The best engineering minds at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, the tower’s original architects, designed the Ledge…each one is designed to hold 5 tons, about the weight of three Toyota Camrys, while the city code required only a 2-ton limit.

In a nutshell, each retractable Skydeck bay is equipped to hold fifty 200-pound people. It costs around $15 to visit The Ledge, but it seems the experience is well worth it. To read the full Sun-Times article, click here.

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