Chicago’s Holiday Door Decorating Contest


Decorate your door and be this year's Chicago holiday door winner!

We’ve seen the first snowfall and now its official. Winter is here! And that means the Holidays are right around the corner, which means decorating time!

What better way to enjoy the holidays by having a competition? Come join us on Facebook and enter your photo in for our Chicago’s Holiday Door Decorating Contest. Winners receive bragging rights for the entire year! Just click here to join. Enter your photo by December 22!

Need more ideas? Let us help!

Use Lights and Wood: Take a piece of wood and drill holes in it to form a holiday word, like noel or a shape, like a tree. Then thread the lights through the holes. Add a hook and hang it up on your door!

Use Cookie Cutters: Cookie cutters don’t have to be just for making cookies. Take some of your holiday cookie cutters and string them with ribbon, attach each shape to the ribbon with a knot until you have a string of shapes. Then hang them up!

Create an Advent Calendar: Create a giant advent calendar for your door, and show everyone how many days until Christmas.

Make a stocking: Take a piece of cardboard or plywood and cut it out in the shape of a Christmas stocking. Now, paint this stocking with the help of color paints and then hang it on the front door.

Artificial Tree: Add a tree to the side of your door, use wires and a wood stand to hold it down.

These are just some ideas to make your door fabulous this holiday! Now go get decorating and remember to submit your photo by December 22 and come back to see what everyone else did!

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One response to “Chicago’s Holiday Door Decorating Contest

  1. Laurel

    It’s fun decorating for the holidays! I can’t wait to get started, but I always wait until the 1st of December. I can’t stand it when places decorate in October. I think my favorite thing to decorate, aside from the tree, are the doors in my house. We have beautiful Mahogany doors that we will add door runners to or wreaths. It’s also a great thing to have your kids help decorate!

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