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Green Alternative Car Rentals in Chicago

Zipcar Logo

As the eco-friendly craze is growing by leaps and bounds, Chicago has added a fun way to get around while simultaneously saving the planet. It is called “Car-Sharing” and is made possible with I-Gos and Zipcars.

The European car-sharing idea from Cambridge, Massachusetts has been around for almost a decade and has finally found its way into Chicago.

Zipcar started out as a simple enough car sharing concept until it became the leader for cars on demand. It helps lessen cars, congestion and pollution. Zipcar proves that when there is a problem you can always find a sustainable solution.

I-GO was the first car sharing organization in the Chicagoland market created in 2002 by the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Their goal was to provide car sharing services in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. “I-GO Car-Sharing is a Chicago-based, non-profit commitment to economical and environmentally sound transportation choices.” Continue reading

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New to You: New CTA Entrance on Polk


The opening of this new CTA entryway, marks the hopeful future for the developing area near the South Loop.

For city commuters constantly searching for the perfect route to the office or are just looking for the fastest way from point A to point B, the new CTA entrance may be one direction to consider. The Red Line has opened up a new street level entrance to the CTA for Harrison at Polk Streets that can be found at Polk and State.

The opening of this new CTA entryway, marks the hopeful future for the developing area near the South Loop.  Polk Street is already a hot spot for various restaurants, bars, festivals, stores and other entertainment venues. And if you’re already a frequent rider who is ready for a change, this may be your ticket to experience a whole new funnel of people that will be parusing through the heart of Printer’s Row and engaging in everything the area has to offer.

Eastgate Village is mere moments from this access point to all the hustle and bustle of Chicago.  Check out our Facebook Page and learn more about the neighborhood and community, as well as, why living at Eastgate Village is wonderful oppurtunity.

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