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New West Realty Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Special Prices at Eastgate Village

Beautiful view of Eastgate Village boulevard

Beautiful view of Eastgate Village boulevard

New West Realty is celebrating its 30th anniversary by offering a brand new neighborhood from the ground up. This landmark anniversary is all about looking to the future while remembering the past. That said, this beautiful area combines the old with the new, using historical architecture and a modern touch to create a neighborhood with a purely Chicago feel.

With that in mind, New West is proud to present Eastgate Village. Located adjacent to beautiful Lake Michigan, Eastgate Village offers walk-up condominiums and townhomes available in six stunning models. Come take a virtual tour of our new properties to take the first step in becoming a part of this great community in Chicago’s picturesque South Loop.

From your vantage point at Eastgate Village, everything to love about living in Chicago is close at hand. Feel the wind in your hair and hear waves stretch for the shore on the gorgeous Chicago Lakefront Path. Take the kids to see a dolphin show at the Shedd Aquarium, then stroll over to the Field Museum to say “hi” to Sue, the world’s largest preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If it’s romance you’re looking for, spend an evening under the stars at a Millennium Park concert or impress your date with the culture and breathtaking art lining the walls of the Art Institute. For dinner, you’ll find no shortage of flavors and cuisines from all over the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Greek, Thai or just a classic Chicago Style deep dish pizza, you’ll have no problem finding a great place to eat.

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Embrace Your Inner Tourist in a Uniquely Green Way

Summer in Chicago is why natives of the Windy City are able to tolerate brutal six month winters. In hibernation during the intense cold, Chicagoans emerge for the spring and summer eager to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Of course, there are others who have far superior climate moderation. These folks are known as tourists.

They seem to appear out of thin air as soon as the sun’s rays start to do their thing. Cameras in hand, they hit the city of Chicago determined to capture the skyline from a bus tour, a boat tour, or simply by hoofing it. But there is another emerging way to see the city that you’ve probably noticed from time to time: The Segway Tour.


Residents of Chicago constantly suppress their inner tourist. Walking by the Sears Tower, they’re tempted to marvel at the scope of what is still the greatest building in the United States. But their desire for acceptance overwhelms their childlike wonder, and they go about the rest of their day having missed out on the city’s magnificent architecture.

People of Chicago, the time is right for you to embrace your inner tourist, hop on a Segway, and absorb the beautiful Chicago skyline. Why a Segway Tour? It’s faster than walking, which means you see more of the city in a day. It’s quieter and more environmentally friendly than a bus or boat tour. Finally, it’s a fun way to get around! Zero degree turn radius, astounding maneuverability, and an intuitive design that makes its balance-driven motion a snap even for beginners.

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Green Alternative Car Rentals in Chicago

Zipcar Logo

As the eco-friendly craze is growing by leaps and bounds, Chicago has added a fun way to get around while simultaneously saving the planet. It is called “Car-Sharing” and is made possible with I-Gos and Zipcars.

The European car-sharing idea from Cambridge, Massachusetts has been around for almost a decade and has finally found its way into Chicago.

Zipcar started out as a simple enough car sharing concept until it became the leader for cars on demand. It helps lessen cars, congestion and pollution. Zipcar proves that when there is a problem you can always find a sustainable solution.

I-GO was the first car sharing organization in the Chicagoland market created in 2002 by the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Their goal was to provide car sharing services in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. “I-GO Car-Sharing is a Chicago-based, non-profit commitment to economical and environmentally sound transportation choices.” Continue reading

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Ways to Thaw in the Chicago Cold


From hot chocolate and cozy fireplaces to skiing or ice-skating, Chicago has so much to offer!

When cold weather strikes there is a trend to stay inside and avoid the outdoors at all costs. However, instead of hibernating indoors why not embrace some of Chicago’s most unique wintertime activities that help make Chicago the city it is. From hot chocolate and cozy fireplaces to skiing or ice-skating, Chicago has so much to offer!

For the outdoor enthusiast, the McCormick-Tribune Ice Skating Rink is ideal. With Grant Park as a backdrop, Millennium Park in downtown Chicago is a terrific family-friendly wintertime destination. The ice rink, open from mid-November through early March, is at the city’s cultural epicenter, close to theaters, shopping and museums. Not only is a way to truly enjoy the wintertime, it’s FREE! Learn more here.

Need to warm up after all that shopping or skating?  Swing by Medici on 57th for some hot cocoa. From a cinnamon-y Mexican version to creamy cocoa with whipped cream, this is a favorite sipping spot.

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